Martin Fiala

Pictures from the Edge of the World

Even though I've been dabbling in photography ever since I was a child, it's only been thanks to the rise of the digital photography that I really started taking photography seriously (my very first digital album that more or less started it all can be found here). Since then, I hardly ever go anywhere without a camera (whichever I have at hand) and I always strive for the next photograph to be better than the last one and to gain more knowledge and experience.

I've also always been fascinated by the skies above, be it during the day or at night - I've been an avid amateur astronomer since primary school. The light and colour show taking place night and day above our heads will probably never look boring to me. I've also always been fascinated by colours and colour contrasts in general. This being said, it should come as no surprise that you'll find quite a few sky or landscape photos in my albums that combine all or some of those things together. That does not mean it's all you'll ever find there, though - even though I'm at my most comfortable while shooting these, I certainly try to always broaden my horizons and try new things.

Quite often people tell me that my photos are "kitsch", boring, uninspired and so on. They probably are. That's not at all what I'm after. I'm not striving to become the most creative photographer in the world, I'm not trying to create some deep and meaningful photographic art. If I could exaggerate a bit, I'd say I consider myself a documentarist - I just try to document the stuff I see around me and I try for the end result to be as pleasing to look at as possible. Pictures that try too hard to impress and/or are too staged and artistic (or "artistic") I often find quite boring.

To put it in another way - if you'd said to me that you'd like to see one of my pictures in a calendar, on a holiday postcard or maybe in a tourist guide or on a travel website, I'll take it as a great compliment. And should you actually wish to use some of my images in such manner, or maybe were interested in me creating some new and original photos just for you, do not hesitate to contact me.

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